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The company Euroform Ltd., specialized in manufacturing metal parts, offers now to the industry high technology automation systems based on industry robots. Engineers and technicians who have years of experience make up the department of robotic systems with numerous applications installed in the industry. Our goal is the development of new applications for robotic systems which will be tested according to high standards.

The Euroform robotic systems can be used in the manufacturing of many products in all types of industrial units providing guaranteed proper operation and efficiency. The services of our company include all basic steps for the realization of integrated robotic systems, starting from the initial planning and definition of requirements of the system to meet the specifications, followed by design, manufacture of specific parts and their implementation into the system. High reliable programming and functional check at our facilities is followed finally by the installation at the customer.

Euroform offers services for maintenance of all robotic systems and provides seminars for teaching handling of the robots and the right management of the whole system. Euroform robotic systems are used in many applications such as welding, mounting and setting up machines, palletizing, packaging, cutting, coating, assembly, etc.

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